The Guide to Help You Earn Money Online in 2018 in the UAE

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been struggling to make money online. Or you might be looking for a reliable way of making money online from the UAE.

When I first started this make money online venture, I thought I was going to make thousands of dollars within a short period. The truth is, this business doesn’t work this way. No successful business is built in one day and starts making you tons of money the next day.

Additionally, there’re so many scams and fake programs out there. Which is why you should learn how to make real money online from proven tested methods, irrespective of whether you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or anywhere else in the UAE.

This guide takes you through what you need to know to make real money online. No worries!

  • This works for a total newbie.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to start.

I hope this guide will provide you with everything you need to know to set up and run a successful online business. I also hope you will benefit from this information and take charge of your journey to achieving financial freedom NOW!

Before we get this thing rolling, here’s a bit about me.

My Journey

Hi! I’m Prinz and I started my make money online venture in 2008.Make Money Online UAE

I couldn’t find a job when I just moved to the Middle East, and I started looking for other methods of making an income while searching for a job that matched my education and qualifications.

I tried so many things to earn money online. Some of them make me cringe at the mere thought of ever going back to trying those methods. These included blogging about my new life in the Middle East, setting up an e-commerce store with TripleClicks, participating in click-to-get paid programs (Ugh! Worst thing ever!), getting into multilevel marketing with QNet, and participating in paid online surveys (total waste of time!).

Some of the programs that I had joined turned out to be scams and were not worth someone’s time. Some were legit, but they required that you click ads daily for 30 days only to earn $3. Duh! Twenty-one years of formal education just to earn $3 dollars per month? No, thank you!

I started an e-commerce store on TripleClicks, which, unfortunately, took a considerable proportion of my time. It was a headache to write product descriptions, take high-quality pictures and have them Photoshopped, and check weekly with a local manufacturer to make sure they had prepared clients’ orders. Not only that, I had to constantly promote my store.

Then the unthinkable happened: my e-commerce store got shut down by TripleClicks after the courier service took too long to deliver a package to a customer who lived in a suburban city of a developing country.

After my e-commerce store was shut down, I moved on to explore other opportunities. I attended several free webinars that claimed to teach people how to earn money online but ended up pushing products that cost several thousands of dollars into attendees’ faces. I didn’t have the budget to buy the products, so I decided to start a blog.

My blog (built on a free platform was getting me nowhere. Plus, I didn’t even know what I was doing. I thought it was enough to “just write” blocks of text to get visitors flocking to my website.

After several months of blogging, I threw in the towel. I decided to stop doing things by myself and started looking for a program that could teach me how to make ACTUAL money online. I wanted to learn how to build a REAL and SUSTAINABLE online business. I also needed someone to answer my questions and guide me throughout the entire process.

The Solution

After scouring the Internet for several years, I finally found a platform that could teach me how to earn money online and provide the tools I needed to build a successful business.


I created a FREE account in September 2014 and had access to all 10 lessons of the first course. After building my first website, I felt the need to learn more about monetizing my website. Then, in July 2016, I took the bold step and upgraded to PREMIUM.

As a premium member, I had full access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification which consisted of 50 lessons divided into five courses.

I learned a lot since completing the course and finally built a website that started getting traction and generating income. I’ll share my knowledge in this guide so that you too can find the solution to building a successful business online.

As you’ll get to see later, I didn’t achieve this by myself. In addition to the lessons, I also relied on other members to help me solve the issues I encountered when building my online business.

Gone were the days when I was frustrated and had no one to help me brainstorm a problem. All I needed to do was contact someone in the Live Chat or ask a question to the community, and someone experienced came to my rescue.

You can also have access to this awesome community. You’ll be glad you found this because this is the real deal if you want to know how to build a business that will generate passive income for you constantly for several years.

NOW is the right time to build a business that will generate you a passive income as more and more people are using the Internet every day. Do not let this opportunity pass you by!

As you read on, you’ll learn about some of the tools that I used to help me make $1653 in sales two months after publishing a single blog post!

What Should You Know Before Starting an Online Business?

My Number 1 Commandment is that No successful business can be built overnight.

Even if you had the budget to build a brick and mortar store, when do you think you’ll start seeing the cash flowing in? Do y0u think you’ll start seeing huge profits overnight? That is unrealistic, isn’t it?

Forget whatever you’ve read online. Forget all those earn money online gurus who promise that you can effortlessly make a three- or four-figure income overnight. There are even gurus who promise you can make up to $2600 a day only by copying their templates. But you have to pay thousands of dollars upfront to have access to these “secrets”.

We all want to make money quickly, that’s true. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just push a button and ka-ching there comes the money? Unfortunately, this exists only in fairy tales or in Las Vegas game rooms. Even in game rooms, you might need to do more than pushing a button. And then there’s the possibility of losing huge sums of money.

Another thing to bear in mind is that just because it is an online business means, it doesn’t mean you’ll do little or no work. Remember the cliche Rome was not built in one day? You need to put in the work to see results. Your online business is your baby. Feed it, clean it, and give it what it needs to grow and become a successful online marketer.

What this means is that you need to continuously work at it. You have to keep learning and building so that you’ll increase the possibilities and your potential to earn money online.

Take a look at big businesses. Although they’ve achieved success, they still have a marketing team. They are still looking for ways of expanding their company, promoting their products, and reaching more customers.

This is the way you should look at things. You have to keep working on your online business to get better at generating more leads and sales. If you do that, you’ll see the rewards as time goes by.

Overall, if you understand this concept, then this business is probably what you need.

How You Can Earn Money Online

What is the Opportunity?

A few years ago, if someone had told me I could make money by writing about something I loved, I would have thought they were talking crazy. But the Internet offers so may unlimited opportunities, which we can exploit to our benefit. Let me explain myself.

Imagine your hobby is fishing and you’re going to create a website about fishing gear (your Earn money online in the United Arab Emirateschosen topic is called a niche). And before I continue, let me reassure you that you don’t need to worry about the website building process. No coding is necessary and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create a simple, user-friendly website.

The process is so easy that even someone like me with zero knowledge of website building has been able to build three successful websites. (I can share the links to my websites if we meet inside the training after you decide to sign up and try this).

After creating your website, you’ll write helpful content about fishing gear and recommend products that can make fishing a breeze.

When people use search engines such as Google or Bing to look for helpful information on fishing gear, your site will come up in the search results.

Your visitors will find information on your website that will help them to learn more about fishing. They might also follow your recommendations and click one of your links. When they click on your link and it takes them to a website such as Amazon or Walmart, you get paid a commission if they make a purchase.

Sometimes, visitors end up buying products that are not related to your niche. For example, I write about fertility products, but sometimes I make money from the sales of shoes and kitchenware. How awesome is that: making money even for products that you do not promote on your website?

This business model is called affiliate marketing and many people have been using this business model to earn money online.

How to earn money online in the UAE

What Are the Advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

There are many advantages to earning commissions by promoting other people’s products or services.

  1. It is usually free to join an affiliate program. The online registration process is quick and all that is usually required for you to become an affiliate is to have a website where you can publish text or banner ads.
  2. You do not need to become an expert to recommend or promote a product or service on your website. For example, if you’ve used the Breville masticating juicer and loved it, you can tell your readers why you loved it and why you would recommend it. You can also tell your readers what you didn’t like about the juicer. You do not need to go into the details of how the motor functions or give a detailed a description of the juicer parts.
  3. You can make money from a blog post several months to years after writing and publishing it.
  4. You don’t require advanced HTML knowledge to know how to place an affiliate banner on your website. All you need to do is copy and place the code provided by the affiliate program. Placing affiliate banners on your website can mean generating additional revenue from your website visitors.
  5. In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to carry inventory or process orders, payments, or invoices. These are all done by the merchant.
  6. Contrary to other business models, affiliate marketing carries zero to little risk.
  7. Affiliate marketing can be done from anywhere, so long as you have access to the Internet. This means you can take your business with you everywhere and not have to worry about moving furniture or finding a new office/warehouse location. All you need is your laptop, pc, and your Internet modem, and you’re good to go.
  8. You are your own boss. You can decide how much time and money you’re willing to invest in your online business.
  9. You don’t have to deal with difficult customers or handle complaints. These are all handled by the merchant.
  10. Most affiliate programs will offer support and regularly update their product feeds and promotional materials to increase the earning potential for both parties.

The Potential of Affiliate Marketing

One of the commonest misconceptions that people have about affiliate marketing is that it is no longer profitable. In fact, since 2010, these are common questions that many people ask:

Isn’t it too late for me to start an online business?

Are there still any profitable niches?

Aren’t all profitable niches already saturated?

Is it even possible for me to earn money online?

People have been asking questions like these for years, and if you’re still on the fence wondering whether it is still possible to make money from affiliate marketing, action-takers are building their successful online businesses and making the money that you’re only dreaming about.

Let me explain why you shouldn’t hesitate to tap into the billion-dollar affiliate commission pie.

Earn money online UAE-Digital Around the World in 2018

Credit: We Are Social

Data from the 2018 Global Digital report shows that more than half (53%) of the world’s population has access to the Internet. This represents about four billion people around the world who use the Internet.

Another study shows that every day, approximately one million people are getting access to the Internet for the very first time. This means that there are about 11 new Internet users every second.

When you take all these factors into consideration, you can see that the size of your target audience is increasing at a very rapid rate. Imagine the number of people who will have access to the Internet in a just a few years. Imagine that most of these persons will search for products online and some will become online shoppers.

Can you imagine what this would mean if you had an online business?


What Skills Do I Need to Get Started?

Let the thought of building a website not intimidate you at all. If you have basic Internet knowledge (perform a search on Google, check your emails, or post to Facebook, etc), there’s nothing that can stop you from building a simple website.

Are you also worried that you won’t know how to write helpful content? Or how to write content that will get found by search engines?

Believe me, I didn’t know how to do these too when I just started. But now I do. The proof? Someone (you) found this post, right?

You’ll also learn how to build a website that makes your visitors coming back for more. If you’re scratching your head right now and wondering “How on Earth will I build a website?”

Don’t worry. Nowadays, it takes only a few clicks to get a website up and running. Want to give it a try?

I Want to Build My FREE Website, What Now?

If you’ve read this far, I suppose you’re ready to get into this exciting world of affiliate marketing.

Let me take you through the process step-by-step.

1. Your Idea

You have identified your interest. This can be a hobby that gets you excited and motivated when you think or talk about it. If you can’t think of any right now, do not worry.

You’ll definitely get inspiration once you interact with other members after you join this community. But the idea is that you choose something that you won’t lose interest in writing.

2. Build Your Website

As I mentioned earlier, you do not need to be tech-savvy to do this. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to build a beautiful looking website in just a matter of seconds.

Plus, you get to do this on a powerful and secure platform.

Still worried? I’ll guide you throughout the process, should you face any difficulties (which I believe will be very unlikely).

3. Get Traffic to Your Website

You’ll be taught how to write content to get ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You’ll learn about the most current traffic techniques to appear in the searches.

Getting traffic to your website means people will be reading your awesome content and following your recommendations.

4. Monetize Your Website

This is the fun part, right? And that’s why you’re reading this guide: you want to earn money online.

You’ll learn how to choose from the millions of products and services online that you can promote on your website.

You don’t need to pay to promote any product on your website. When your visitors click on your links and make a purchase, you get paid a commission for referring them.

What Type of Training Will I Get?

If you are looking for a platform that will work you through the whole process, you’ve just found it!

Wealthy Affiliate offers all the necessary tools for you to start your journey in the affiliate marketing business.

When I initially found Wealthy Affiliate in September 2014, I knew I had found a legit training program. I had fallen prey to a couple of online scams before and had sworn I would never be a victim again.

I initially signed up as a FREE member and had access to the first 10 lessons in the first course. However, after getting a job and having a baby, I put things on hold (which I regret to this day).

Two years later, I came back to pick up from where I had left off and immediately upgraded to Premium. I had no doubt Wealth Affiliate was going to teach me the skills I needed to write content, get ranked (highly) on search engines, and to monetize my website.

Tested and proven, Wealthy Affiliate works for anybody who is willing to put in the effort to build a sustainable online business. No ifs, no buts. It’s pretty simple to do this if you just follow the training.


A Breakdown of the Training

Wealthy Affiliate is designed for affiliate marketers of all levels. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned affiliate marketer, you’ll find your place at Wealthy Affiliate. The training is well organized so that you can easily find what you need to build your successful online business.

Here’s what you’ll find on this platform:

1. Training

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: This is a five-phase series, each comprising 10 lessons.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: This is a seven-phase series, each comprising 10 lessons.

2. Live Events

Wealthy Affiliate offers weekly live webinars that teach you the tips and tricks of the trade.

3. Live Chat

This is available 24/7. You can ask questions whenever you get stuck. I bet you someone will respond within a matter of seconds. I’ve never found Live Chat empty during the time that I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate.

4. training classrooms

You can learn more on the following topics:

  • Email marketing
  • Authoring and writing content
  • Keyword, niche, and market research
  • Website development and programming
  • Social engagement and marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • The Wealthy Affiliate platform
  • Everything WordPress

Other Perks

  • You can perform a search or post a question to any classroom if you need help with something.
  • You can contact Support at any time if you’re facing technical issues with your website. They respond at record speed and are always ready to help you solve your problems.
  • You can send private messages to members if you need help.

Membership Options

I mentioned earlier that I initially signed up as a Starter (Free) member before upgrading to Premium. The schema below gives a summary of the differences between these two membership levels.

Some Success Stories

If there’s anything I like to share most, it’s members’ success stories. Some of these members started off with zero to little knowledge in affiliate marketing, but they have become successful because they took action and followed the training.

Before sharing the success stories of other members, I’ll share how I made $1653 in sales in two months from one blog post.

First, I used Wealthy Affiliate’s signature keyword research tool,  Jaaxy, to target a keyword with high traffic and low competition. No worries if you do not really understand this now. You’ll be taught how to do this.

After selecting a low-competition keyword, I wrote a blog post, aiming for 1500 words. After publishing my post, I headed over to Google Webmaster to fetch the post and submit it for indexing.

It took less than a week for the post to get indexed on Google and a few more days for it to appear on page one of Google. I made my first sale from that post about 14 days after publishing it. Within two months, I had generated $1653 in sales and $140 in commissions (just from that blog post).

How to Make Money Online in the UAE

And here are the success stories of other Wealthy Affiliate members.

1. This member made about $8968 in December 2016 from a single Amazon niche site. Read the full story here.

Earn Money Online UAE

2. This member made his first sales three months after joining Wealthy Affiliate. He sold 14 items. Read the full story here.

Earn Money Online UAE - First Sales

3. Yet another success story. Read these tips from Nathaniell to find out how he persisted and kept working on his website. These tips will help if you don’t start earning despite having lots of content on your website. Read the full story here.

Earn Money Online UAE, Nathan

There are so many success stories that I can’t post all of them here. Some Wealthy Affiliate Members had the brilliant idea of collecting blog posts from people that posted about monetary successes. You can view the list here and here.

Set Up for Success?

If you’re serious about building an online business and wish to earn money online, you should definitely go Premium.

With a Premium account, you’ll have full access to all the tools that will help you build and grow your online business. Plus, you’ll have the privilege of getting in touch with the owners of the platform and other seasoned affiliate marketing experts.

While you can earn money online with a free account, building a website on your own domain has the benefit that you’ll get ranked faster.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sign up below to take advantage of the ~40% DISCOUNT offered during the first month.



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